Business is in the middle of a “digital transformation.”

This requires a shift in thinking about both technology and how humans interact.

Our revolutionary new methodology has been tried & tested in the field. It produces dramatic uplifts in performance very quickly.

Our Leadership Institute is based on the principle that effective leadership is at the core of all great organizations and civilizations.

Trusted leaders produce the greatest levels of teamwork, innovation, and productivity, resulting in superior competitive advantage. We’ve built our strategy on foundational breakthroughs in design of building trust.

We have mastered Fastime Performance, and quantum jumps in Value Creation while energizing employees & leaders alike.

Our Collaborative Excellence for Leaders and Managers is an idea whose time has come, and you can reap the benefits.

Consistently 20-25% gains in Competitive advantage are achieved, with initial measurable results occurring quickly.

Paradigm Shift

We are not just another Leadership Development Clone.

First, we address leadership from a “systems design perspective” which examines the holistic interactions of leadership development, organization development, and how they impact transformational breakthrough results. The resulting integrated “architectures” enable leaders to produce replicable, scalable, sustainable and predictable impacts.

Second, we are composed of a highly experienced group of professionals in this field that have worked on collaborative leadership starting in the 1970s. Our framework for leadership has been tried, tested, and produces consistent breakthrough results. In particular we pioneered leadership in strategic alliances, one of the most complex of all organizational forms.

Third, our groundbreaking in work is underpinned by paradigm shifts in the brain’s neuro-chemistry, human behavior and economic modeling.

Lastly, our programs are easy to understand, learn and apply — process driven.


In the last decade the word “Synergy” has been used prolifically.

Everyone knows the value of Synergy; its achievement is the “holy grail” of businesses, teams, alliances, and mergers/acquisitions.

However, the word is bantered as a dream or aspiration; something leaders hope to attain, exhort to their minions, and spend considerable time and money hoping to bring to reality.

Unfortunately, the success level in reaching that synergistic level of excellence has been dismal, and those who did reach it often found it unsustainable.

Over the past half century members of our team have explored finding a “systems design architecture” for synergy. Our quest has taken us into the examination of thousands of business cases – some studied with an analytic eye, others from first hand, trial and error, hands-on experience.

Consistently we concluded that the number one source of synergy has been through high levels of Collaborative Excellence.

We have codified the dimensions of Collaborative Excellence into a highly effective, replicable, and sustainable system we can deliver to any organization or alliance in the world.


Our Transformative Action-Learning Engagement is the heart of the Leadership Institute’s Learning Methodology.

Our Programs are a complete systematic approach to building highly effective collaborative leaders and organizations. We only focus on Collaborative Excellence, for this is clearly the very best pathway to support highly complex organizations in a rapidly-changing, fast-moving world.

The Transformative Action-Learning Engagement matches highly effective Action Workshops along with custom-tailoring to your organization’s unique requirements through a personalized consultant/coach/facilitator who is responsible for catalyzing your teams to produce results quickly and measurably.

Our workshop approach includes:

  • Strategies for Transformation
  • Individual & Team Capability Building Workshops
  • Diagnostic Assessments & Benchmarking
  • Coaching & Consulting when needed
  • Train the Trainers

Capability Building Workshops are often the simplest means of getting started before making a commitment to a full-scale Program.



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