New Ideas & Pace-Setting Practices for a Bold New Future

We have included a sample of a wide cross-section of articles, white papers, and unpublished documents by Robert Porter Lynch. Many will become the foundation of future books, webinars, and training programs by the Collaborative Leadership Institute.

As other authors join the Institute, their contributions will be important to furthering our Mission, Strategy, and capability to build trusted collaborative leaders across the planet.

The publications by Robert Porter Lynch are some of the components of a fully integrated system of collaboration. The pieces below are only a partial representation of the full body of work.

#1 State of Trust in America — Jan 2017 by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#2 — Beware the Beast — Authoritarian Dark Triad — Updated to include info on Putin by Robert Porter Lynch
#3 What You Need to Know Collaborative Business Standards – ISO 44001 — May 2017 by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#4 Creating the Age of ReEnlightenment — July 2017 by Robert Porter Lynch (updated 2021) (downloadable PDF)
#4A — Education in the Age of ReEnlightenment  — December 2023 by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
 #5 Education on the Edge— November 2017 by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#6 Christianity at the Crossroads –February 2020 by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#7 America BEFUDDLED & CounterStrategies –January 2022 by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
       #Strategic Alert #7 America BEFUDDLED Blog
#8 Why Dictators are Obsolete in the 21st Century

CONDEMNATION of PUTIN — The Institute’s Response to Putin’s Predatory Actions
Collaborative Strategy in Ukraine What we can do to Limit & End the War
Understanding Putin — 144 Questions Answered
Understanding Putin — A 360 degree view & Questions Answered

#9 Strategic-Alert – How to Identify an Evil Leader

#1. Leadership as a System— The Four Alignments by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#2. The Case for Collaborative Leadership  — 3 Leadership Types by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)
#3.  Qualities of Collaborative Leaders — Key Characteristics by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#4.  How Collaborative Leaders Use Culture as a Force Field  — Why Humans do what they do; White Paper by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)
#5.  Great Speeches — The Power of Language in Leadership — White Paper by Robert Porter Lynch
#6.  Collaborative Leadership Lessons from Combat — the story of the Canadian Victory at Vimy Ridge by Pierre Berton distilled by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#7.  Collaborative Capitalism  — Strategic Initiative by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

#8.  How Leaders Design Culture for Great Performance — by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#9.  How to Create a Wisdom Project — by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#10. Four Guidelines for a Steady Moral Compass— by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#11. Beyond Win-Win & Myths of Win-Lose  — by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#12. World Population Education & Trusted Leadership  — by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
#13. The Future of Civilization — the Collaborate Excellence Pathway — by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)
#14. Collaborative Leadership Excellence — by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

#15. Organizational Transformation  — by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

#16. The 12 Principles of Equity — What you should write into every agreement and contract

#17. Non Profit Challenges — the Case for Collaborative Excellence — Why every non-profit needs to lift their game  by Robert Porter Lynch

Non Profit Challenges — short version 

#18. On Systems Thinking  — Most Important Issues & Perspectives to Perceive Things as a “System” by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

#19. Architecture of Time — How to Maximize Total Return on Time by Robert Porter Lynch & the ICLI Team (downloadable DRAFT PDF)

#20. Architecture of  Innovation — The framework for Collaborative Innovation by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable DRAFT from 2006 currently undergoing upgrades & revisions)

#21. Leadership Challenges — the Case for Collaborative Excellence & the 7 Architectures — by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)

#22. Mind of the Master Manipulator –Recognizing Leaders who will twist everything by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)

#23. Mordred Factor & Machiavellian Maneuvers — Ridding your Organization of Toxic Behaviors and Cultures by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)

#24. Role of the Integrator — Hidden Source of Competitive Advantage by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)

#25. Synergy & Synchronicity — The Inner Dimensions of Creating Aligned Energy by Robert Porter Lynch (PDF)

#26. Collaborative Imperative in the Age of AI — Partnering with AI produces the Best Results

#27. Fastime Speed & Integration as an Accelerant V1.3 — How Speed & Synchronicity Impact Performance

#28. Synergistic Resilient Leadership V2.5– updated: A New Leadership Paradigm: Wisdom Based, Aimed at Breakthroughs

#29.-Synergistic-Resilient-Leadership-17-Differentiators— please use updated version below

#29.-Synergistic-Resilient-Leadership-20-Differentiators (updated) What makes SRL Advantageous in today’s complex world

#30. Creating Breakthroughs & Shifting Paradigms  — an Essential Factor in SRL

New Leadership Development Paradigm    Six-Part White Paper Series
Why Leadership Training Has Failed and How to Fix It

Note: Robert has written four books on strategic alliances, including The Practical Guide to Joint Ventures & Corporate Alliances (1987); Business Alliances, the Hidden Competitive Weapon (1993); Alliance Best Practices Workbook (1995-2009); and Strategic Outsourcing Best Practices (1997).  The last two are available free of charge below. These were a prelude to the architecture of a fully integrated collaborative system.

Artificial Intelligence can be used for creating a better world.

We decided other common AI Engines were lackluster, and often provided poor advice to those leaders who want to build strong, Synergistic Resilient organizations.

Polyminda® is currently undergoing Beta Testing. If your organization wishes to be a Beta Test site, please contact us.

Leadership Capability Building

Top notch Leadership is essential to every organization.

We realized that current models for leadership are just insufficient for the demands of modern organizations.

Using our hundreds of years of collective experience, hundreds of synergistic case studies, and a careful analyis of best practices and processes in collaborations, we have evolved a new framework for leadership designed to create Synergistic outcomes predictably time after time.

Diagnostic Assessments

We approach organizations as complex systems composed of interrelated components and functions. Using this systems approach, for organizations that are intent on upgrading their leadership capabilities, generally we first begin by assessing  their current leadership capabilites to determine baseline benchmarking data:


(Advanced thinking about how to create great value in the Supply Chain Management)
These papers were co-written by Robert Porter Lynch and Steve Rogers, author of Supply Based Advantage:

#1 — Supply Chain as a Strategic Asset
#2 — Getting a Seat at the Table
#3 — Strategic Value Chain Leadership & the 5 Shifts
#4 — Value Maximization

During the 19th & 20th Century, the writings of several highly influential authors were selectively interpreted to validate less-than-ethical behavior of powerful people. The unfortunate result was the generation a horribly twisted series of untrue “myths” (half-truths linked to half-lies, disguised as the truths).

Because most people simply never check the validity of the “authority” but accept the opinion of someone they respect, the myth becomes perpetuated, and further ingrained society’s deepest belief systems, accepted as truth, which, in turn, erroneously guides thousands of decisions and actions every day. It’s important to set the truth straight.

When we dug under the surface, three hoaxes had been foisted on our civilization that were either terribly erroneous or a major distortion of the truth:

Views of one of America’s most brilliant educators — HENRY MERRITT WRISTON- whose perspective on Education in a Democracy as as relevant to America today as they were nearly 4 generations ago.

Listen to a Recording from ~1956 by Henry Merritt Wriston, President of Brown University 1937-1955 on the real value and purpose of a college education. You will be delighted with his frankness, dazzled by his wisdom, and disappointed with how far we have strayed in 60 years. Below is a short version video with exerpts from a 1958 Interview with Mike Wallace.

Video Link: Wriston 12 Minutes plus Mike Wallace Interview

Read Robert Porter Lynch’s poignant views about why education is failing us and what we must do about it:

Robert Porter Lynch spent many years of his early career revitalizing older deteriorating communities. As part of his master’s thesis at Harvard he wrote down what was learned so that others might find it easier to grasp the larger picture. Each is written seeing the community “holistically” as a “system.”