A New Era in Business Relationships

Announcement of International Standards for Business Collaboration

On March 27th, 2017 the International Standards Organization (ISO ) announced international standard 44001 which provides common frameworks, standardized terminology, and assessments for business collaboration.

The ISO standard creates a common vocabulary of collaboration, with tools and ways to work together on common goals, while recognizing and respecting the cultural and other authentic differences between people and their organizations.

Collaborative Business

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Key Issues to Understand

The ISO adoption marks the first time there has been a global standard for collaboration which can be used as a common framework between and within organizations.
(see What You Need to Know About ISO 44001 – or Exec Summary)

You will discover that Business Collaboration Standards will potentially revolutionize the way business is conducted in the future.

This includes business, government, not-for-profits, universities, health care systems, research collaborations, and entire value chains.

The ISO standard was highly influenced by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP).

The standards have largely adopted the ASAP Alliance Best Practices. These practices were first published by Robert Porter Lynch in the early 1990s, then upgraded in 2002 by him under the aegis of ASAP, and subsequently updated again in 2012 as a collaborative initiative with ASAP practitioners from around the world. Other leaders from the strategic alliance profession will be joining forces with us to help establish a vanguard position in world-wide business collaboration.

The ISO standard follows the 8 Phase framework we have been advocating and practicing for over 20 years.
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The ISO Standard emphasizes every collaborative engagement must commence with Leadership Excellence.

In other words, without Leadership Excellence (in particular Collaborative Leadership), any business initiative will fall flat.

Further, the ISO standard advocates: with collaborative best practices, inter-organizational business relationships stand a high chance of success and substantially reduce risk.

In anticipation of this evolution, we already have developed and tested a complete range of programs and assessments, which are ready for implementation in organizations who want to lead the way.

With the issuance of the ISO Standard, the Institute is the Thought & Market Leader — today.

Our approach

  • Generates high levels of collaboration, both Internally and externally,
  • Builds Trust, Teamwork, and Cross-Functional Integration
  • Is:
    • Simple to Understand
    • Highly Effective in Practice
    • Easy to Learn & Use

The biggest incentive for your business to engage in the ISO Standard is that you will be far more competitive, productive, innovative, and PROFITABLE

Not For Profits

The NFP world has historically not played well with others. Certification on the ISO Standard will become one of the requirements of funding agencies in the near future.


The Public Sector has never had an incentive to work collaboratively with other governmental entities, nor with business. The ISO Standard will give government a common framework for collaboration.


Every industry Association where collaboration is a vital element to success should be sponsoring an ISO Certification for their members

See our complete range of workshops & briefings specifically designed for ISO Certification