1. Leaders are born, not made Myth

While some people have a natural leadership talent, most good managers can improve their performance, influence, and effectiveness significantly with good leadership capability building. This is our aim.

2. Knowledge changes behavior Myth

While knowledge is valuable, the correlation between knowledge and performance is tenuous. Behavior is much more the result of culture, beliefs, practice, feedback, and personal initiative. This is our method.

3. Leadership is good habits & traits Myth

While traits and habits are characteristics of good leaders, this is simply not enough. Great leaders have the capability to engage strategically, build trust, produce results, and adapt to change. This is our breakthrough.

4. Leadership is about use of power Myth

While power is one of the dynamics of leadership, power can be exercised positively and negatively. Greatest positive power is achieved from alignment of human energy. This is our foundational framework.

5. Trust is too soft to teach Myth

While in the past trust has been the fuzzy backwater of human behavior, trust is too important to overlook. We know from conducting hundreds of workshops with senior executives from around the world, and having done breakthrough research on the neuro-chemistry of the brain, trust can be taught, perceptions altered, and skills mastered.

6. Leaders are just good managers Myth

While most leaders rise from the ranks of management, it is a mistake to believe leadership is “advanced management.” Great leaders have better strategic, relationship, and innovation skills than a standard manager. This is essential.