Providing Your Team with Resources to Win

Our Publications branch will be offering a wide variety of resources, such as articles, publications, and links that demonstrate the productive power of collaborative systems. Many will be produced by The Institute. As an Applied Research Center, we will cull through the mountains of data and reports to find those core pieces of information that are really valuable to assist collaborative leaders in their mission.

Watch for new articles and white papers by member of our team. We will also be contrasting the economic results of collaboration versus its hierarchical, transactional, and adversarial counterparts.

We are making a number of articles and white papers available to members. This is the type of thinking that will be embraced in our Leadership programs.

We have a library of dozens of articles and white papers which will be made available to our members.

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Books and Computer Simulations designed to make a difference

Our Publications initiative will bring a fully integrated system of thinking and organizational transformation to leaders. Fourteen Manuscripts are currently in advanced stages of writing:

These books contain the core architectures that make the Leadership Institute unique, and can be used as the basis of either a program or to augment programs delivered. Each of these books will become licensed property of the Institute on a shared royalty basis. Our publications program will also provide an avenue for publishing the books of other authors that have produced excellent thought leadership in collaboration.

Trusted to Lead Series
  • CEO Handbooks
    • Power of Trust on Performance
    • Implementing Collaborative Excellence -- the ISO 44001 Standard
  • Building a Team You Can Trust – for Managers
  • Economics of Trust – for CFOs
  • TransAlignment – Building Collaboration across Boundaries
  • Organizational Transformation & Turnarounds
Future of Capitalism Series
  • Collaborative Capitalism – Future Face of Capitalism
  • Collaborative Entrepreneurship (2nd Edition)
  • Collaborative Construction (with George Jergeas)
  • Value Maximization
Generating Synergy for Young Leaders Series
  • Champion Your Life – Rising to Adversity and Purpose
  • Dynamic Differential Energy – the Nature of Co-Creation
  • Building a World You Can Trust
  • History’s Hidden Lessons – What You Didn’t Learn in School
  • Destiny’s Dream – Finding Your Mission in Life
Games & Simulations

Teaching leadership is more than a "head game;" it requires active engagement in the "crucible of action." We are currently developing and designing games and simulations, and will be licensing these from others as appropriate to give those attending our programs a cutting edge.

The Institute’s Applied Research initiative will search for innovations, best practices, and comb through research studies world-wide, applying new learning to enable state of the art capability building to all members of the Institute.

We are currently forming alliances with several of the world’s best research centers to gather useful data that will guide both the development of programs and provide guidance to leaders for effective, practical decision-making.

Because leadership development and character building requires very interactive real-life engagement to augment knowledge-based learning, games and simulations are a vital component of success. A sophisticated set of software “games” and simulations will be designed that demonstrate key leadership behaviors and exemplary character.

The Institute will serve as “systems integrator” to bring together the wide variety of specialists, such as designers, animators, subject matter experts, software engineers and internet promoters to construct and market the game software. We estimate Leadership & Character Building “game” budget at close to $1M and 12-16 month development cycle.

One critical aspect of applied research is to use the data to construct workshops, simulations and games that enable leaders engage in a simulated “crucible of action” to test the application of leadership frameworks quickly and accurately.