Partners are organizations with whom we work closely, exchange people, ideas, programs, and create intellectual property. These are comprised with organizations that are very closely aligned with our strategic objectives and share similar operational goals.

TransAlignment Leadership & Facilitation Institute

Our partner is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We regularly share ideas, strategies, best practices, and new evolutions in thinking. The TransAlignment Institute is dedicated to enabling collaboration between different organizations in both the private, public, and governmental sector. Many of the founders have backgrounds in mediation, thus bringing a unique perspective and new applications of the Four Dimensional Alignment Leadership framework. Starting in 2017, we will be sharing programs, making and making facilitators and trainers available between the U.S. and Canada.

Other Institutes

We will be establishing long-term relationships with other like-minded organizations in the near future. Stay tuned for future announcements.

Affiliations are organizations with whom we work closely and may develop alliances for achievement of common goals, strategies, or with whom our strengths complement theirs.


Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals

As the Founding Chairman of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, Robert Porter Lynch maintains a close relationship with this excellent organization. ASAP aims at linking the best and brightest Alliance Professionals around the world, who develop and share best collaboration practices. Many of the collaborative leadership practices and insights at the Leadership Institute evolved from our work in strategic alliances.

Other Professional Affiliations
As the Institute evolves, we will be establishing a wide network of affiliations with professional associations and expect to be their preferred training partner.


University of British Columbia – Executive Education

Robert continues on the adjunct faculty staff teaching the course in Structuring and Managing Strategic Alliances at the Sauder School of Business. This is the oldest and most popular continuously running course in strategic alliances in the world. The course began in 1989 at the American Management Association, then migrated to Canada. Over 20,000 people have gone through the program which now spans 4 decades. We expect to announce further programs provided by the Leadership Institute to be delivered via UBC in the near future.

Our Advisory Council is comprised of thought leaders, faculty members, professionals, and champions of causes with whom a relationship can be of mutual value.

Our Advisory Council is established to provide fresh ideas, guidance, experience, insights, understanding trends, and introducing new programs.

Members of the Advisory Board include Thought Leaders, Senior Executives, Subject Matter Experts, along with members of our local and stakeholder communities.

(Advisory Board Members to be announced soon) If you believe you could contribute to our success with your membership on the Advisory Council, please give us a call.

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