Donations — Invest in our Future

Our Goal

We are raising money to:

Your tax-deductible donation, large or small, will go a long way to ensure we have sufficient financing to develop and deliver our programs, produce electronic media, market our programs, bring on key faculty, conduct webinars, take the youth programs into the schools, and get at least a dozen books published.

Money is not the heart and soul of a business; nor is it the brains nor the creative talents of its people. But money is the “life blood” that keeps the business alive and thriving.


By Check

Make Checks Payable to the International Collaborative Leadership Institute
Post Office Box 7786,             Naples FL  34101

If you really want to make a difference in the future of our evolving world, please consider making a donation to help us do the work that will elevate leaders today and in the future.

It’s one of the most important investments you can make — one that will make a difference!

We have received a “Challenge Grant” from an anonymous donor.

Help us match it. Every dollar you donate will be matched 100 percent — doubling the value of your donation.

Make a Credit Card Donation

or Send Your Check:

Please write your check to the International Collaborative Leadership Institute.

In the area on the check where it says “for ______,” please write “Donation.”

Please mail checks to:

Leadership Institute

Post Office Box 7786

Naples, FL 34101

You will receive a receipt you can use when you file your income tax statement.

Electronics Fund Transfer

If you prefer EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), please let us know and we can provide the necessary data.

For our Canadian Partners, if you make a Credit Card donation, you may designate it to be used strictly for our Canadian affiliate. If you are writing a check you may send it directly to Naples, Florida or, if you prefer to directly to Canada:

TransAlignment Leadership & Facilitation Institute
7240 82nd Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta CA T6B 0G1
c/o Sharon Wilson 1-780-464-7747

We are now set up to receive STOCK DONATIONS

Platinum ….. 500,000
Gold …….. 250,000
Silver ……. 100,000
Bronze …….. 50,000
Patron …….. 25,000
Sustaining …. 10,000
Contributing … 1,000
Supporter …….. 500
Friend ……….. 100

Donors who contribute a minimum of 50K to the first round of funding requirements for the Institute will be added to the Founder’s Circle — membership is open to early donors who seek to participate through both financial and program contributions.

A member retains the Founder’s Circle designation for a period of 10 years or until the member petitions and is approved by the Board of Directors for “honorary status.” Honorary status has no further financial and or program responsibility.

Financial Responsibility
We believe in very strict fiscal control systems. Download our Fiscal Responsibility Handbook

We have received both:

  • Certification from the State of Florida for Solicitations and Contributions (Reg. # CH48765).
    (see a copy of the Florida Certification Letter) — A copy of the Official Registration and Financial Information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (within the State). Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the State.
  • IRS 501c3 status letter ensuring tax exemption of your donation.
For those considering a donation, you may be interested interested in our plans.

For more information, please contact one of the Founders.

What will my donation be used for?

We need capital for startup, just like any business. We believe, because of the dire need for leadership, that a fast, strong, and poignant launch is far more valuable than a slow, long, drawn out launch. Further, the founders are experienced business professionals that know how to launch new venture.For more details on the Budget, please see the Business Plan.

Who is serving on the Board of Directors?

At this time, the Founders are comprising the Board of Directors. We have asked a number of people to serve as our Board of Advisors, which basically carries no legal responsibility. As we evolve during the next six months will build the Board based on who wants to become deeply involved in our growth. If you would like to be a Board Member or Trustee, please let us know.

Do you plan to build a campus?

No, not at this stage. Many organizations get caught in an “edifice complex” too early in their evolution. We believe our first efforts should be in creating maximum value for the Institute’s customers. There are plenty of facilities in the Naples area to rent while we set up the programs and infrastructure. If a benefactor emerged and offered a very large donation for a building, we would consider it, but that is not a priority at this stage.

I’m worried about not-for-profit ventures, aren’t they too risky?

Many Not-for Profit businesses start off with a Not-for-Profit mentality, then proceed to lose money from their inception. We are composed of hard-nosed business people who like making a profit and intend to hit break even in 2 1/2 years. However, being a Not-for-Profit Educational Institution means we can receive grants and donations to launch new venture and to ensure our profits go into either growth or to subsidize youth programs (note: we will likely be involved in youth leadership in areas where poverty predominates. The profit from the executive division will be used to help subsidize the youth programs.
We are seriously considering setting up for-profit subsidiaries and joint ventures for Leadership Gaming, Franchising, and Consulting. However, these are still in the planning stage and must be carefully orchestrated to preserve our IRS status.