For those organizations who use our proprietary Collaborative Systems Design Architecture, the Institute provides a multi-dimensional impact on  competitive advantage: strategically, operationally, and culturally, to gain major advances in speed, innovation, performance, & value creation.

Our process-driven methodologies and tools typically create a 20-25% competitive advantage.

This is achieved by the Triumph of Small Numbers ….

Advantages show up as:

      • Increases in Innovation, Speed,  Productivity,
      • Stronger Teamwork & Customer Solutions,
      • Leaders & Managers become more Inspired,
      • Employees Become More Engaged & Committed,
      • Lower Turnover, Better Decision Making,
      • More Successful Partnering & Alliances,
      • Cross — Functional Integration, Less Conflict,
      • More Accurate Forecasting,
      • Reduction of Non — Value Added Work,

     —  which Translate as Greater Profitability

Each of these areas increase increase incrementally month upon month — small percentage increases — building upon each other.

At the end of 1-2 years they accumulate — ultimately hitting a cumulative of 20% or more, and then moving upward continually.